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Perfect Polly Pet Review

Buy One Get One FreeHey everyone my name is Angela and welcome to my Perfect Polly Pet review. I made my own Perfect Polly Pet review so that I could share my experience with the Perfect Polly Pet and why I decided to get my own Perfect Polly Pet. I hope that my Perfect Polly pet review is helpful.

Before I got my Perfect Polly Pet my family and I used to have two beautiful parakeets. We loved having the birds in our home and I thought that it would be a great way for my kids to learn some responsibility.

My children were supposed to be in charge of taking care of the birds, however that responsibility always fell on to my shoulders. I loved the birds, but they were not supposed to be my responsibility to take care of them.

Once I started taking care of the birds I realized why my children stopped taking care of them and why they wanted to me start doing it—It was a lot of work to make sure that the birds were taken care of everyday. I had to interact with them and give them attention many times throughout the day. I started to feel really bad that they were kept in a cage all day long.

Cleaning the cage was my least favorite part about having the parakeets. It was a messy job and I did not like doing it.

I suggested many times that we get rid of the parakeets because my children were not taking care of them, however everyone (except me) insisted that we keep them. My family loved their singing and their presence.

I actually saw the Perfect Polly Pet infomercial while I was watching TV one day and I decided to go to the official website to learn more about the Perfect Polly Pet. It seemed like it would be a neat solution for family. The Perfect Polly Pet provides everything that a real parakeet can without having to put any effort into taking care of it.

What I like about the Perfect Polly Pet is that they are just like having a real bird in the house. The Perfect Polly Pet is motion activated so that each time we walk into the room where the Perfect Polly Pet it comes to life like a real bird. It even moves just like a real bird. It will turn its head at you, chirp, and move its tail feathers.

Overall, I prefer having the Perfect Polly Pet rather than a real parakeet. The Perfect Polly Pet is less work to take care of it. There is no more cleaning the cage, feeding the bird, and making sure that it is happy. I felt a lot better once we let our parakeets go and I think that they will be happier too.

The Perfect Polly Pet is a great way to still feel like we have pets in our but it is more convenient for us because we don’t have to do any work to take care of them—We simply get to enjoy their company.

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Perfect Pet

Perfect Polly Pet

My family and I have been surprised by how much we really enjoy having the Perfect Polly Pet around our home.

Before we got our Perfect Polly Pet we used to have live parakeets. The reason that my family wanted the parakeets was because their songs are very pretty and having pets can be really fun. However, my children were the ones who were supposed to be in charge of taking care of the parakeets. They were supposed to learn more responsibility and to really be able to take care of them.

In the beginning my kids did a good job of taking care of the parakeets, but over time the responsibility fell on me, and no one else helped. I got tired of taking care of the parakeets all on my own because it was originally not my job or responsibility.

My kids said that once school started they lost the time to take care of the parakeets. I think that they could have made the time for them but it was easier to have me do it instead of them.

I loved the parakeets so I took over the job for a while, but it wasn’t what I really wanted. As a family we decided that it was best to give the parakeets away and we decided that we would try the Perfect Polly Pet.

I saw the Perfect Polly Pet infomercial and went to the official website. All of my family thought that it might be weird to have an electronic pet at first. I will admit that I was bit unsure of what having an electronic pet would be like too. I didn’t want to seem weird or anything, but we really liked having our live parakeets. I wanted to have the parakeets company, just not the hassle of having to take care of them. And that is what the Perfect Polly Pet could offer.

The main reason that my family and I decided to even try the Perfect Polly Pet was because it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So with that money back guarantee we would be able to try the Perfect Polly Pet risk free and see if it was something that we really wanted to replace our parakeets with.

When we got our Perfect Polly Pet I was really impressed with how much it looks like a real parakeet. We could hardly tell the difference between our real parakeets and the Perfect Polly Pet. One of the things I was concerned about with having the electronic Perfect Polly Pet was that it would look fake and cheesy. But it doesn’t. Perfect Polly Pet looks like a real parakeet.

Another thing that impressed me was the sound of the Perfect Polly Pet. It sounds just like our real Parakeets, and it makes a variety of parakeet sounds not just the same thing over and over. The Perfect Polly Pet has made me really happy because it looks and sounds exactly like our parakeets did.

My family and I love having our Perfect Polly Pet because it is just like having our other parakeets, but they require no maintenance. I recommend the Perfect Polly Pet to everyone.

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